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Motvet LLC
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We provide one of the best IVR services in Russia and Ukraine:

  • "Mobile Answers" - 0912, featuring information services, dating, ringtones, realtones and Java game catalogues

  • "Trizvon" - 0856, featuring unique entertaining joke services, dating and ringtones, realtones

Interactive support to the TV programs:

  • "Alice Dreams" on MTV Russia: the first interactive soap opera in Russia, where the audience votes for soap development

  • IVR and SMS quiz for one of most popular soap operas in Russia and Ukraine, "Soldiers" on number 3 national TV channel in Ukraine, the New Channel

  • Show "Allo, TV" on TVC channel, Russia: a call TV like project

  • SMS quiz to support the visits of Deep Purple and A-HA to Ukraine

  • "Superman of Russia", DTV Viasat Russia: IVR voting for men competing for the superman status

  • "Wedding within 48 hours": the reality show on New Channel, Ukraine

  • Development and interactive support of "radio call" games in music FM radio stations
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